Living with a chronic wound? Suffering within a stagnating healing process?

This is the painful reality for millions of people both in Germany and around the world. Granulox® relieves the chronic wound condition.


Finally: A prospect of healing
The need for oxygen is particularly high in all phases of the wound healing process. Chronic wounds are characterized by low oxygen concentrations in the surrounding tissues. Granulox® provides these wounds with the oxygen required to break the chronic condition - and accelerates wound healing by an average of 50 % over current gold-standard treatments.

Proven efficacy
Latest scientific findings demonstrate that Granulox® combines a unique compatibility (with current treatment approaches) with excellent efficacy. Over 50,000 patients in more than 40 countries around the world have successfully been treated with Granulox®: their wound healing process was dramatically improved, and their quality of life enhanced tremendously.

Simple in its application
Granulox® is available in a practical and easy-to-use spray bottle. It sprays evenly in all directions from every position, especially useful for hard to reach areas. After application, the well-tolerated hemoglobin spray is active for up to 72 hours. Granulox® can be used in conjunction with any breathable dressing.

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